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General Litigation in New York City and Neighboring Counties

A dictionary definition of “litigation” is “carrying on a legal contest by judicial process”. It simply means having a court decide the dispute; participating in a lawsuit. The nature and different categories of disputes that individual litigants bring to court are as vast and varied as the human experience and are too numerous to list here. However, if you are owed a debt or are involved in a dispute that you believe cannot be resolved without the intervention of the courts or if you have been sued by a person or a business that claims that you are liable in damages or owe money, Dan Heyman may be able to assist you with advice and/or representation.*

* Dan Heyman does not practice law in the areas of Criminal Law, Matrimonial Law or Family Law, although Dan may be able to recommend a colleague who can assist you with your matter.

Commercial Litigation in New York City and Neighboring Counties

Commercial litigation refers to lawsuits between business entities. Often, the commercial dispute or lawsuit arises from a business transaction or relationship that failed or faltered: a partnership, joint venture, vendor/purchaser, commercial lease or other contractual relationship which may begin with a clear plan for profits and/or mutual benefit but ends in disappointment or with losses, for which the parties often blame each other. Typically, the primary claim is one involving breach of contract, but such disputes can include causes of action for fraud in the inducement, breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment and/or other claims and causes of action. Disputes can also arise between commercial entities that are business competitors.

Dan Heyman has been advising small businesses contemplating litigation and representing them in commercial disputes and litigation for more than 30 years. Litigation can be very expensive and success in the outcome can rarely be assured at its commencement. Before deciding whether to commence a lawsuit it is necessary to fully review and analyze the facts of the underlying dispute, all controlling documents and the applicable law. If your business is contemplating commencing a lawsuit or has just been or is about to be sued, contact the Law Office of Daniel G. Heyman to discuss your commercial matter.

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